Give your bedroom the Hotel style that buyers love

Give your bedroom the Hotel style that buyers love

interiors Default Author 13th April 2018

Give your Bedroom Hotel style.

When you’re selling your home, you need to make an extra effort that will make your viewers go, “wow!”.

In your bedroom, the easiest and quickest way to do this, is to make your bedroom look like a lovely luxurious hotel.

Start with your bedside tables and lamps: ideally two of each, and they will be matching pairs. Adding a hotel-style helps to depersonalise your bedroom, and make your buyers think of holidays, and special trips.

Give your bed some hotel style, by pulling the top layer of your duvet cover from each side until it is perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free. Pillows look better if the top one is placed on top of the duvet, as opposed to pulling the duvet over them. Add a throw and matching cushions and hey presto; beautiful bedroom!

Once upon a time you had to learn to do the sheets with 'hospital corners' now fitted sheets make it much easier !! Anyone remember doing hospital corners on their sheets ??

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