Client Reviews

Client Reviews

property Default Author 16th April 2018

Your Client Review

When your home is launched to the market it is the most critical time to make an impression. The presentation and pricing is key to a successful launch. Many people believe that this is the end of the agent’s job and now it’s online, all the buyers will rush to your door !

The launch is just the beginning and as part of a continuous strategy to get you the best result possible.  That might mean, meetings, phone calls, persuasion, brochure sending, marketing strategies, talking with buyers, support, accompanied viewings and feedback, social media strategy and ongoing reviews.

What happens once you have launched?

Initially we obviously hope the interest in your home will be high.  There’ll be many people opening emails and property alerts from and rightmove trying to decide if they would like further details.  Some will view, some will call, some will put it to one side while something more pressing is being dealt with.  After a few weeks, you’ll find that after an initial spike in interest it will level out.

At Roseberry Newhouse we care about our homeowners, and we aim to be open and honest about the marketing and activity. Our motto is 'Building Trust through Quality' and you have put your trust in our ability to bring to you the very best, and we want to deliver.

So how do we do this after launch?

We use regular client reviews. In fact, we speak to our homeowners regularly, however, the review offers a   more structured strategy to get your home sold.

What is a client review?

A client review helps us understand your expectations, it allows us to deliver a more tailored experience and   ultimately helps us align ourselves with your goal.  By getting to know you better we are more invested in your   outcome.

How often should we be having a review?

Reviews should be done as often as necessary and in your preferred method of communication.  If you work 6 days a week and would prefer an email, let us know.  Much prefer to hear a voice, ask us to call.

Our reviews take place in Week 1, 3 and 6.

Week 1 - To review the property listing and to chase up any outstanding administrative matters.

Week 3 - A review of activity thus far including viewings, feedback and website activity.

Week 6 - A full marketing review including a discussion on price and a marketing strategy going forward. 

What if my home has been popular and I’ve had lots of viewings?

That’s amazing, the review is still 100% worth doing.  Perhaps there has been a reoccurring theme from the feedback that you need to discuss.  If you’ve had lots of viewings, you’ll want to know why has there been no offers, and what can you do to make sure that the next viewers buy?   

Reviews are about progress, analysis and action.  It’s about making sure you are not just informed but also involved. It is important to keep the property refreshed in order to maximise interest and keep enquiries flowing.

Reviews will look at:

1  Internet activity including, rightmove and our own website. 

2  Marketing review of viewing feedback and buyer feedback.  

3  Price discussion. Your property is worth what someone is willing to pay and may need reviewing in      order to stimulate more activity.

4. Review photography. A change of imagery can invigorate online activity.

For advice on marketing your home speak to one of our Property Consultants to arrange a valuation appointment.


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